Tinder Your Way to Success

If you haven’t heard already, Tinder is the hottest appĀ on the market for meeting other singles. It is so popular because it is so darn easy to use!

The way it works is you are presented with a single in your area (based on the preferences you set for male / female and age span), and from there you either swipe right or left. Right means you are interested and left means you passed. If the other person sees you and also swipes right, you are both alerted and you can start a conversation. Easy-peasy right?

There are a few additional things to know. If someone sees a picture and they are undecided at that point or want to learn more, they can click on that profile and see more pictures and read a smile bio. At that point, they can decide if they swipe right or left.

There are a few Tinder Tips that will make you a lot more successful though. Keep these in mind if you are a guy trying to meet a girl:

1. Have clear and crisp photos of yourself smiling and looking confident.

2. Have at least one photo of you with a few friends, one of you playing a sport, and one of you in a cool vacation spot.

These photos will make you look like a fun and diverse guy.

Your profile you should keep nice and short! Something like this:

“Medical surgeon, big reader, love the outdoors.” It makes you look nice and normal.

There is actually a lot more to know about Tinder to get it right. Check out the Panther Tinder Guide to learn more valuable tips on how to utilize Tinder to get the most matches. You’ll meet way more girls through there than you ever will in some nightclub, that’s for sure.

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