Tinder Your Way to Success

If you haven’t heard already, Tinder is the hottest app on the market for meeting other singles. It is so popular because it is so darn easy to use!

The way it works is you are presented with a single in your area (based on the preferences you set for male / female and age span), and from there you either swipe right or left. Right means you are interested and left means you passed. If the other person sees you and also swipes right, you are both alerted and you can start a conversation. Easy-peasy right?

There are a few additional things to know. If someone sees a picture and they are undecided at that point or want to learn more, they can click on that profile and see more pictures and read a smile bio. At that point, they can decide if they swipe right or left.

There are a few Tinder Tips that will make you a lot more successful though. Keep these in mind if you are a guy trying to meet a girl:

1. Have clear and crisp photos of yourself smiling and looking confident.

2. Have at least one photo of you with a few friends, one of you playing a sport, and one of you in a cool vacation spot.

These photos will make you look like a fun and diverse guy.

Your profile you should keep nice and short! Something like this:

“Medical surgeon, big reader, love the outdoors.” It makes you look nice and normal.

There is actually a lot more to know about Tinder to get it right. Check out the Panther Tinder Guide to learn more valuable tips on how to utilize Tinder to get the most matches. You’ll meet way more girls through there than you ever will in some nightclub, that’s for sure.

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How to Protect Your Passive Income Streams

Building a website, driving traffic to it, and making money from it all takes time and effort. Learning how to make passive income online is hard; no doubt about it.

There are, however, a number of things that could go wrong with your website that are out of your control, putting all that hard work at risk. The files that make up your website could become corrupted or people with malicious intentions may try to hack into your website for various reasons.

There are some simple precautions that you can take to make that much more unlikely. An example of a website you’d want to protect your is this sample passive income website.

The first and simplest one you should do is change your main username to something other than the default name, “Admin.” Many hackers attempt to gain access to your website using software that does brute force attacks attempting to guess the password. This will be much harder to do if they don’t know the username (which you can configure to be different than the display name).

You should also keep your WordPress websites to the highest update available. The WordPress management team releases an update whenever they notice a security risk, so each version released becomes safer than the prior one. On top of that, the functionality of your website and the active plugins will always improve with each update.

There are also two security plugins that I highly recommend. “Login lockdown” is the first one. What this plugin does is marks the IP address of any computer that attempts to log in to your website and fails. If that same IP address fails repeatedly, that IP address is locked out from being able to log in to the website. You decide the number of attempted logins and total time.

The second plugin I recommend is “Secure WordPress.” This plugin hides many of the errors inherent in the default login page of the WordPress install, including hiding the version of WordPress being used and adding an index.html file to the directories.

Finally, I would recommend signing up for Code Garage. Code Garage is a full service protection service for any number of websites you own that keeps backup files of your entire website for up to 30 days back, does security scanning for hacking or malware, and does uptime monitoring to make sure your website is performing at optimal speed. Essentially if anything goes wrong with your website, they have a team of people that helps you fix the problem right away.

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How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Want to know the second biggest overall source of traffic to my website portfolio? YouTube (after Google).

The amount of content being uploaded on YouTube is staggering – 48 hours worth of footage per minute. Their website gets over three BILLION hits per day. If you don’t have a YouTube presence, you are potentially missing out on huge amounts of direct traffic (not to mention the indirect SEO benefits of having a few links from YouTube pointing back to your website!).

Regardless of what type of business you are in or trying to promote, making a decent high-quality video is not hard, and the process of uploading it onto YouTube is extremely simple.

how to make money from home

For my video series, I recorded all my Internet Marketing lessons using Camtasia (if you are a Mac user, the equivalent recommended software is ScreenFlow.

Once the software was opened, I just hit the record button, and everything that I did on the screen was being captured and all the noises in my room were being recorded (my videos are simply me talking with the door shut). Then when I finished, I hit the “stop” button and the segment was saved. Once I was satisfied with all my segments, I put them all together and made the video…very easy.

No matter what kind of business you are in, make a few videos describing who you are and what you can offer. There is no downside to putting yourself on the second largest search engine in the world! This is the key to how to make money online.

And one final tip: when you make your description for the video on YouTube, make sure the very first thing you write down is your website address (as I have in all of mine) – the display of the description on YouTube is tiny so you want to make sure the link to your website is the very first thing they see.

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Why writing great content on your websites will pay in the long run.

As you already know at this point, the entire Google algorithm is based on getting links from other websites.  My program teaches you how to get those links on your own.  However, a way to make this process easier is to make websites that will get links NATURALLY.

What do I mean by naturally?  Basically, instead of asking for links from other websites and submitting articles to other websites with backlinks to your site (both of which are perfectly acceptable ways to get links, by the way), the idea here is that what you write on your websites is so useful and interesting, that other website owners will link to your site because they liked it so much (not because you asked).

Believe it or not, not everyone who makes a website has a financial purpose behind it!  Some people make websites about their favorite topics or hobbies, and some of those people make money as a result, but that wasn’t their original intent.  If what you write about your keyword is so useful and interesting that other websites naturally link to you, those are the best links you can get!  They are coming from sources that are generally the toughest to get links from…other website owners that are growing their own sites.  Websites with authority that are being cared for!

If you make sure that all the content on your websites is REALLY good, eventually you will shift from an uphill battle to a downhill battle.  Why?

Because at first nobody knows your website exists and it’s getting no traffic, so you HAVE to manually build links to get it to rank.  But once it starts to rank naturally and get more traffic, other website owners will notice it, like it, and link to it.  This is the point when your job gets easier and your websites start to grow on their own.  This is why eventually as your earnings go up, your work load goes down!  Your traffic will grow because all the tough work is already done.

That is why I am a big believer in taking no short cuts in this business.  If you take the time to make a website that has great content, at first it’s more effort, but in the long run the payoff is MUCH greater.  This is because there will come a day when you can stop building links, but your website will produce those links naturally while you sit back and watch your income grow monthly.

If you make your portfolio of websites and then finally got them to rank with a lot of link building effort, but the quality of those websites is sub par, nobody is going to naturally link to them.  You know what this means?  Either you keep building links to them manually, or your rankings are going to stop growing, and eventually start to decline.

So do yourself a favor and think of this business as a long term investment.  Put in good, solid work ONCE, and get paid for the rest of your life.

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